Four Themes that Shaped IT in 2022

Dell Technologies blog site, Dec. 14, 2022 https://www.dell.com ... t-in-2022/

An end of year look back on the major IT themes of 2022, with links to key IT blogs I ghost wrote with Dell IT subject matter experts.


Blogs for corporate experts

Dell Technologies blog site, 2014 - 2023 https://www.dell.com/en-us/blog

From cloud and cyber security to DevOps and eCommerce, I assist IT executives and subject matter experts in writing compelling blogs about their insights and strategies.

Cracking the Code for a World-class Developer Experience

DellTechnologies blog site, Dec. 1, 2021 https://www.delltech ... xperience/

How Dell IT has freed developers from administrative tasks so they can do what they do best.

Corporate articles


EMC Now, 2009

As senior writer for EMC Corp.'s quarterly magazine, I wrote stories about an array of topics from presales and customer loyalty to cyber security and innovation.


Business features

A business of their own

Worcester Magazine, June 21, 2007 https://www.worceste ... 0937728007

How Clark Unversity encourages business students to become entrepreneurs.

Business coaches a popular tool for executives

Worcester Business Journal

Where does the boss turn for self-improvement help? A look at business executive coaching.


TV Turf Wars

Worcester Business Journal, Aug. 22, 2005

A new kind of TV drama or how Worcester found itself at the center of a ratings war between Boston news channels.



AIDS: Project Worcester

Worcester Magazine, Aug. 17, 2008 https://www.worceste ... 937275007/

AIDS survivors share their insights on the 20th anniversary of the disease.


Transforming the Developer Experience Inside Dell’s IT Organization

Dell Technologies website https://www.dell.com ... ll-it-deve

How Dell IT is working to provide its developers with a first-class experience.

Our Storage Modernization Journey Inside Dell

Dell Technologies website, Feb. 2, 2023 https://www.delltech ... ourney.pdf

A look at Dell IT's data center modernization journey.

Case studies

How Dell IT made workforce personas the foundation for happier team members

Dell Technologies website, 2021 https://www.delltech ... -study.pdf

Dell IT is using well-honed personas to better serve its employees' needs.

Modernizing key data repository with Dell Technology

Dell Technologies website https://www.delltech ... -study.pdf

How Dell IT modernized a business critical data repository in-flight on Dell EMC PowerMax.


White paper

Award-winning investigative reporting

Danger on the job

Worcester Business Journal, April 18, 2005

Awarded a gold medal for Best Investigative Reporting from the AABP.



Electric Gadgets, Space Junk and Cybersecurity: Purging Obsolete IT Controls

Dell pubic blog site, 10-21-14 https://www.dell.com ... -controls/

Part of an ongoing blog series for Doug Graham, Senior Director, Information Security at EMC (Dell) Corp.

Security Rules to Live By

Dell public blog site, 10-30-13 https://www.dell.com ... -judgment/

Part of a blog series for Doug Graham, Senior Director, Information Security

3 Essentials to Cybersecurity: People, Process, Technology

Xerox website, December 2023 https://www.xerox.co ... ersecurity

Marketing content for Xerox small business series