Micky Baca

Micky Baca

From investigative news pieces to heartwarming features to attention-grabbing blogs that crystalize how complex technology is changing lives and businesses, compelling stories are what make the world go round. As a seasoned journalist and tech-focused content writer and editor in the corporate realm, I have been writing those stories my whole career.

My corporate experience includes writing, editing, and managing technical marketing and thought leadership content for a leading high-technology company, spanning an array of topics, including software-as-a-service, infrastructure management, eCommerce, cybersecurity, cloud, digital transformation, DevOps automation, data science, data management and site reliability engineering. I am skilled at translating complex concepts into outstanding articles, blogs, e-mail, web content, white papers, eBooks, and case studies. Much of my work has been as a ghost blogger collaborating with IT executives and subject matter experts to share their thought leadership strategies and messages on a public blog site. I am particularly skilled at boiling down expert’s technical insights and explanations into interesting and informative stories and capturing the voice of the experts I work with.

Prior to joining the corporate world, I wrote for company magazines as well as websites. I worked as a journalist in business, daily and specialty publications. I have covered business and technology trends, politics, environmental issues, wildlife, real estate, banking, cultural changes, and many other topics. If your company, organization, or project has a story to tell, please contact me.

Expertise I am a highly experienced writer, editor, and copywriter, adept at creating marketing content, thought leadership articles, blogs, case studies, messaging and more.

Skills Exceptional storyteller, able to distill complex concepts into clear and compelling narratives.

Location Charlton, Massachusetts, USA


Email mickbaca1@gmail.com

Phone 7742760659