A business of their own

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A business of their own

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How Clark taught these students to start their own companies

By Micky Baca

When Aaron O'Hearn graduated from Clark University in May, he had a management degree. While he was a sophomore, as something of a school project, he started an on-line school supply company. Now, he's trying to raise a million bucks. He needs the capital to take it to that next lucrative level.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Vicky Mariano, who just completed her junior year at Clark, is counting the weeks before her new business opens. She calls it The Spiritual Haze; a non-alcoholic club/hookah bar/cafe for Clark students. Mariano hopes it will help discourage binge drinking among her peers. And she expects it to turn a profit within a year and lead to a chain of similar clubs.

Neither student is looking to use their management degree to work for someone else's company. As O'Hearn puts it, "owning a secure business is the most secure thing you can find in this economy." The days of pinning career hopes on a large corporation or institution are over, he says.

O'Hearn and Mariano are products of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program at Clark. Read more at https://www.worcestermag.com/story/news/2007/06/21/a-business-of-their-own/10937728007